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10 Toolkits. 40 videos. 1 Goal. 

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The Tutor Toolkit Online Course covers these 10 essential Toolkits:

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You can watch & learn from the video tutorials on your laptop, iPad, or even your phone. The free Kajabi app makes the course really accessible for busy teachers! 

These 40 videos have been personally created by me and you can revisit them at any time.  

I share with you everything I know about setting up and running a successful & lucrative tutoring business.  

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Naming your business & why it's so important to get it right.

How much do I charge?

What skills do I need to start a tuition business?

Group tuition - if you want to make money, this is what you need to do!

When to get paid - don't make this crucial mistake!

How to get students - the golden question!

Passive income - can I really make money while I sleep?

Social proof - building trust with your audience.

How to sell groups to parents.

Stripe - take debit & credit card payments easily 

Group logistics - the specifics.

Copywriting - how to write content that converts.

Equipment - the essentials & the luxuries! 

Instagram - tips & tricks.

Lead magnets & email marketing.

Scheduling apps - make your life easier!

Types of posts - be strategic!

...and many more!

Save yourself weeks of research - start earning sooner!

Couldn't you just research this all yourself? Sure! I did, and it took me months to find out everything I needed - not to mention a lot of trial and error to find the techniques that actually work!

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