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Been there. Done it.

I've even got the T-shirt!

The countless hours of research. Navigating through all the different - sometimes conflicting - advice. The stress of learning so many new business skills. The imposter syndrome. I've been through it all!

Which is exactly why I make a great business mentor.

I understand the exact problems you are facing and I'm here to make your learning curve a little less steep.

I will help you upskill & teach you exactly what you want to learn - so that you don't need to rely on anyone else!
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60 minute Zoom call & recording

ÂŁ99 per hour

WhatsApp contact between sessions

From zero to fully booked - in 5 months!

Have you met Christopher?

Christopher launched his own tuition business 'Dr Humanities' in January 2024. Here is part of his story, so far...

“In September 2023 I decided that I wanted to leave the classroom and school leadership to set up my own business tutoring from home. This being my new full-time job, I was adamant upon doing things properly, establishing myself as the go-to for my subjects online. Part of this meant getting the right support in place.

Rysia is super-friendly and supportive! Having only recently made the transition from the teacher to tutor herself, she knows the truth about what it involves and how best to approach it. She is very conscious that the process can be difficult and gives both practical and moral support. She was available via WhatsApp to answer queries at any time, of which I had plenty!

Thanks to Rysia, I was able to get onto social media for the first time by November 2023 and was becoming well-known through my posts and advertising come December.

My first clients had joined by New Year, ready for a January 2024 launch, and by the beginning of March I had more than filled my timetable! I hit big income milestones each month as business grew rapidly!

Rysia has been instrumental to the success of my tutoring company Dr Humanities in 2024!

If you’re after a flying start in your new tuition business, or a big boost if you’re already going, I would strongly recommend Rysia for all the know-how and nurturing you’ll need!”

Setting Up Booking Systems

How To Use Social Media

Attracting Students

I'm the business coach in your pocket

When I left the classroom, I didn't have the budget to invest in outsourcing the various parts of setting up my new business: Simply Science Tuition. 

So I chose to do it myself! I'm self-taught in all of the different skills needed to start and grow a successful business - so I can show you exactly how to do them all too! 

Whether it's: how to use Instagram; how to write and record online courses; how to utilise email marketing effectively; how to write effective sales copy; how to build a website; how to set up booking forms; how to teach and set up groups online - the list is endless! 

If there's something you are stuck on, drop me a message and I'm sure I'll be able to help you quickly and efficiently. 

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Lead Magnets

Email Marketing

Business Mindset

I'll be honest!

If you've already set up your tutoring business but it's not gaining the traction you had hoped, get in touch!

I'll take a look at all of your social media, systems and marketing to see if I can identify anything that needs tweaking, changing, or adding. 

I'll be completely honest with you, as I want you to be successful! 

For just ÂŁ99 per hour, we will meet on Zoom and I'll help you with whatever issue you are facing.

The session will be recorded and sent to you straight after, so that you don't need to worry about remembering everything all in one go!

Software & Equipment

Setting Up Groups

Online Course Creation

You're not alone!

I'm here and ready to help you.

Don't sit and struggle, when you don't have to.

Just book in a 1 hour session and I will get you on the right path, so that you feel confident with your next steps. 

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